Getting to Sweden

Fly – Train – Drive

Flights to Sweden are usually into one of the Stockholm airports, Skavsta in South, Västeras in the West and Arlanda in the North.   Ryanair, Norwegian, British Airways and SAS all fly into Stockholm. You can also fly to Oslo, which has three airports. Oslo – Gardermoen is closer. All the major car hire companies have facilities at the airports.  Mora has a small airport for private and small commercial flights to Stockholm, Göteborg and Helsingborg.

Getting to Sjostugan from Stockholm

  • By train –  the journey takes about 4 hours from Stockholm – it is very relaxing and a great way to see the countryside.  Book your tickets on the Swedish rail travel website. Once in Mora you could hire a car or take a local bus or taxi to Sollerön.
    Once you are in Mora you can hire a car to drive the 10 minutes to the Lake House.
  • By Car – you can hire a car from many of the major hire companies and drive to the Lake House. As a guide, driving from Stockholm-Arlanda takes about 3.5 hours