Dalarna – Typical Swedish Tradition

History, tradition and culture of the Dalarna region are some of the most appealing and best loved in Sweden. The Lakeside Cottage is ideally situated to access many of these activities.

Here is what the Swedes themselves say about Dalarna according to Visitsweden.com

“The province of Dalarna is in central Sweden with its western edge bordering Norway in the Swedish mountains. Dalarna seems to get first dibs on imagery that is considered more Swedish than ABBA and IKEA combined. A red-coloured cottage, glimmering lake in the foreground, deep forest in the background. Dalarna. The brightly-coloured model Dala Horse. Dalarna. Happy Swedes sporting traditional dress, celebrating midsummer, dancing around a maypole. Dalarna.”

“The famous red colour on the red-painted cottages and farmsteads in Dalarna, and at least half of all the houses in Sweden, is called ‘falu-röd’ in Swedish, or ‘Falun red’ in English. And if you visit the Falun Coppermine and surroundings, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will find plenty of it caked on the walls and floors.”

Looking for something to do?

From the cottage you are surrounded with a multitude of possibilities all year round, just some of which are listed here:

Golf: on Sollerön just 2km away, or Mora, Leksand, Falun, Rättvik.

Cycling:  Siljan Runt in June and Cycle Vasaloppet in August or use the cycles in the shed for a leisurely ride.

Fishing: Salmon, Trout, Perch, Pike are fished in lakes and rivers all over the region and also from the lake edge just 70 meters from the cottage (fishing licence are available in Konsum in the village .

Walking trails: on Sollerön walking trails, around the area and up the Gesundaberget; there are trails all over the region.

The Forest: just immerse  yourself and enjoy the wild life, peace, fragrance and the soul of the trees

Bowling: Mora Parken.

Skiing: cross country (including the Vasaloppet festival for skiers of all ages and abilities) and downhill runs all very local.

Tradition: raising the maypole at Midsummer in June and in Nusnäs you can see the Dala-horses crafted in the traditional way.

Culture: The Zorn museum in Mora and between June and August the Dalhalla in Rättvik presents outstanding concerts of all types.

And: the Bearpark in Orsa, Sommarland in Leksand, Santa World/Tomtelans in Gersunda, M/S Gustaf Wasa for a lunch or evening cruise on Lake Siljan, Street music festival in Orsa and, if you are here at the right time in April/May, don’t forget to see the frogs on Sollerön.

There are plenty of websites to help you with this and if you try just some of the activities, you will need the peace and tranquillity of the cottage to recover.